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Willa Mae Dorsey

Willa DorseyWilla Dorsey was an American gospel singer with an operatic delivery and great vocal range. Born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 2, 1933, she started singing gospel in the 50s, switched to studying opera and then returned to gospel in the 1960s. She recorded five albums and three audio tapes, each one glorifying God and her Jesus.

Willa Mae Dorsey loved Jesus with all her heart. Everywhere she went, she would talk about Jesus – she called Him “My Jesus.”  She sang for the Billy Graham Crusade numerous times, she was featured on the Lawrence Welk show, she sang for presidents and kings, in churches, large and small, all over the world. Willa Dorsey sang for Jesus all over the world!

In Atlanta, she lived next door to Dr. Martin Luther King and she remained good friends with his mother throughout her life. After traveling the world, Sister Dorsey returned to Atlanta to visit Mrs. King and reported that she had seen streets and boulevards in numerous countries that were named after her son, Dr. King. Mrs. King responded tearfully and joyfully that she was so proud of how God had used her son, thankful that his dreams and principles were being memorialized even in foreign countries.

Memory by her son, Billy Dorsey:

“I remember one time when I was about in the 6th grade, and I woke up in the morning, and my mom had been up all night.  I asked her what she was doing, and she had all these papers around her.  She told me she wrote a song,and it was ‘Get Right Children, and Let’s Go Home.’  She had all the notes and everything written, it was all down there, and later she recorded it.”

This song is on Willa Dorsey's album (LP) “I Can Sing About My Jesus,” which also contains 3 other songs she wrote: “Fixed”, “I Can Sing About My Jesus” and “Hallelujah Praise the Lord.”

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