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Steppingstones to Financial Success
by Dana Pride

Financial success... does that sound wonderful to you? What does that mean to you? Is that one of your goals? If you have not yet thought about Financial Success as a goal, you should. This is a goal you can begin to work on right now. While you are in Middle School, you are inthe best position to learn how to manage your money, from tracking your income and spending, to learning how to budget, then learning about credit and debt.

The first book introduces your first step: becoming aware of your money and where you are spending it.

Book A: Awareness Available NOW!

The second step in your financial journey teaches how to budget.

Book B: Budgeting Basics for Beginners Available NOW!

Step 3 in your financial journey is learning about credit and debt - and how you can avoid getting into debt, and drowning in it.

Book C=D: Credit = Debt AVAILABLE NOW!

Let us get our students on the path to financial success by starting now, before they get into debt. Knowledge = Power ... power to be aware of money choices, make budgets and control finances.