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The Meat of the Word for Christians Today
(2 volumes)

by Pastor W. F. Pride


Volume 1:
God Wants You to Do His Will

A collection of preached sermons focusing on the subject of God's intention for people to seek Him, worship Him, love Him and serve Him. These sermons were delivered by Pastor Willie Pride during Sunday services at Everlasting Missionary Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington.
Sermons include:
The Man on Easy Street
True Worshippers
A Song of Comfort
In His Own Image
A Daring Testimony
...and more!



Volume 2: Everyone Needs Jesus

This collection of preached sermons by Pastor Pride expounds on the Word of God, the Bible, and introduces the reader to Jesus, the Subject of the Bible. Pastor Pride explains who Jesus is, why He came and what He has done for all mankind. He also urges readers to try Jesus for themselves, to accept His free gift and trust in God.
Sermons include:
Binding Together in the Name of Jesus
The Work of the Holy Spirit
God Always Has a Way Out
Victory in Christ
Valley Full of Ditches
...and more!