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Featured Book of the Month

Up From My Abyss

by Bonnie Barrigar

Up From My Abyss coverEarlier this year I joined the ranks of a select army, that is, the army of persons, mostly women but a few men too, who are actively waging war against the onslaught of breast cancer. Though there many in our ranks, this fierce battle is always, nevertheless, a very private one and involves hard life and death choices. With the arsenal of modern medicine and strong faith in God, this war is winnable. Often, however, the cures are harsh and this ravaging foe brings to the front line emotional and mental as well as physical issues. But this is a war worth fighting and one which can, as I feel happened in my case, bring out hidden strengths in a person they never knew they had. Then too, though my cancer journey has been rough, the people Iíve met and the places Iíve been along the way have been truly fascinating and inspiring. I pray that anyone who reads this semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical account of my cancer battle and is fighting their own will be inspired to fight Ďtil they win.

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