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The Great Devastation Trilogy
by Dana Pride

After the Great Devastation front coverBook 1: After the Great Devastation

A global disaster, known as The Great Devastation, has drastically changed life on earth. Layla, a Kidgen, or Kid-Genius, is living and working at the Complex, where the Insiders have everything they needed provided for them: food, clothing, entertainment. Layla is aware of the Outsiders, who are just scraping by without the use of technology, but she doesn't have any reason to think much about them - until Kenrick, one of her friends, secretly arranges for her friends to travel. Suddenly Layla becomes curious. What is life Outside really like? Where will they go? What will they eat? Will they be able to get back safely and unpunished? Kenrick has a few surprises in store for them - especially for Layla, whose life will never be the same after journeying Outside the Complex.

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The Hidden City coverBook 2: The Hidden City

Now that Layla has found her father, she attempts to settle into his primitive lifestyle and the culture that has adopted him. As soon as she meets new friends, she tries to help them, causing the entire group to begin another adventure. While they are forced to move quickly from one place to another, they all gradually learn about the existence of others who have survived The Great Devastation; as Layla and her father are drawn toward a great discovery – and eventually, the truth.

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Immediate Search coverBook 3: Immediate Search

After Layla, her father and her new friends have found the hidden city of Mountain Veil and Layla's Uncle Pierce, she receives a message from her friend, Kenrick, regarding her mother. Layla and her father must begin an immediate search for her mother, even if it takes them back across the world again. Although they become separated, they both do everything they can in the strange community they discover in a canyon to fight against the odds - and the odd people - to reunite their family.

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