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Steven Lowell-Martin, Author

We are still in shock over the sudden death of author Steven Lowell-Martin in February, 2021. He was so helpful, so cheerful and always had a kind and/or funny word about everything. Please continue  to keep his family in your prayers.

He shared the following poem in 2020.

Words of Encouragement during COVID-19

Many go free of the earth today and beyond, and we are puzzled as to why
The sun of their final day sets, dazzling in the cherished liberty thereof
The world will somehow heal from the passing, as it always has
We have no other choice
The sanctity of life remains, imprinted deeply by the shadows that death casts
We must always celebrate the radiance in the moment before endings, when granted a glimpse of heaven’s peace...
Note the warmth of the light’s moment, before the darkness grows near
We are set free of sadness in our remembering
The light will grow faint, yet remain a moment longer if willfully summoned
We therefore know that we are heard
The nightfall should not be feared, as it will soon renew the hope...
The silent shaded hillsides welcome another soul in unending gentle love
We draw solace together in an unspoken revelation…
That what is cloaked among all of us…
Cannot be lost.
Steven Lowell-Martin

Steven Lowell-Martin holding a bass he caught

Steven Lowell-Martin was a retired 31-year Seattle Police Detective Sergeant. He led numerous investigations into gang-land slayings and holds classified clearances, all while meeting four presidents and the Queen of England. He had a penchant for telling stories of corruption, greed, and avarice. He spent his time enjoying two darling grand-daughters, fishing, and writing his latest novels and screenplays.

Steven wrote three published books. His non-fiction book, Coptales: "From the Penthouse to the Basement," and his first novel, "Moses' Chisel," are available from Amazon.

His dark and intense crime suspense novel, "Four Pounds of Pressure," is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.