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R. Michelle R. Evans

Please welcome our newest author, Michelle Evans! Her first novel, a Christian romance, has just been published and is now available.

Twin Flames is a journey of a Christian Romance after a lifetime of disappointment. Moreo is giving up almost completely on the idea of love after three failed marriages and being in his 40’s.

Can faith in God and an old flame reignite a passion for life, vitality and romance, change his perspective? Can Rena’s understanding of the Most High and human nature convince Moreo and the world that God’s love can be healing, loving, and thrilling?


I was born in 1975 in a country town called Cleveland, North Carolina, on a farm. I am a wife and mother of 9, including my husband’s children and five grandchildren and expecting another grandchild in the summer of 2020.

I am an ordained evangelist, homemaker and gardener! Who enjoys writing and arts!


Please join us at Everlasting Publshing in welcoming Michelle to our team!

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