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Della Clare, Author

Della Clare (1924-2006) is the author of "Della's Natural Diabetic Lifestyle," which she wrote in response to her surprising diagnosis of diabetes when she was in her 70s. The main reason she was so surprised was that she was not overweight, but, actually, she was underweight. She discovered she had received this diagnosis after several years of heavy stress during a family situation. She was not satisifed with her docotr's report, so she began to look for a permanent solution that did not involve daily medication.

Della responded by learning everything she could learn about diabetes, its causes, case studies and what other doctors had recommended to their patients who were diabetic. Then she took control of the disease by putting into action what she had learned: She added exercise to her daily routine, she began preparing her meals according to what she had learned, and she scheduled time to relax each day. She also decided to turn over the things she could not control to God, and let Him take care of them, which, she admitted, released a heavy burden from her shoulders.

Her husband, Bill, was a great supporter and participant of her natural lifestyle choices, and her two sons and eight grandchildren were greatly encouraged by Della's ability to take what God gave her naturally and turn that diagnosis around and beat diabetes without having to take medication.

In her book, she includes her experiences, some of her favorite easy recipes, and some humor. Della's Natural Diabetic Lifestyle can be purchased here.