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Bonnie Barrigar

Words of Encouragement during these times

Hello everyone!  I know that these times of social distancing are hard on us all and that this Coronavirus is truly frightening.  I just want to remind you that this time more than ever is a time for all of us to lean on God and lean on each other.  How can we humans support each other now?   There are a number of ways. The more healthy and fit among us can buy groceries and run other errands for those who aren't.

Everyone can give words of encouragement to people through phone calls, the internet, and sending pretty cards. 

We can make face masks for the brave people in the front lines of this battle -- doctors, nurses, and other health care workers, and send them words of encouragement and gratitude.  I just want to ensure everyone that I am staying healthy and well and so is my dog, Pepper.  I am  being careful to follow the new rules of staying on top of this crisis.  I am washing my hands frequently, avoiding crowds of more than ten people, keeping six feet between me and anyone I'm not with all the time, and staying in my apartment as much as I can.  I would gently advise everyone else to do the same. I am also gaining strength and safety through reading the word of the Lord.  Please keep in mind that while none of us should take unnecessary chances, it's wisest to respect, but not fear Old Knobby.  I call the Coronavirus "Old Knobby" because it looks like a round ball covered with knobs. But as scary and contagious as this thing is, God is more powerful. We all need to keep that in mind at this harrowing time.  In closing, want to share this Bible verse which is giving me courage to weather this pandemic. "The Lord will remove from you all sickness; and He will not put on you any of the harmful diseases of Egypt which you have known, but he will lay them on all who hate you." 

Also, I want to mention that I am working on two novels.  One of them, Multnomah Falls, deals with how a lady FBI Agent called Amy Thomson (Agent 5) and her twin sister, Judith, who is a Virologist, uncover a plot by a secret cabal.  This cabal plan to use a super lethal virus in a bid to take down the population of the world so they can conquer it.  It is a fast-paced action thriller and will be out soon!

God Bless You All,
Bonnie Barrigar

Bonnie Barrigar is author of several books published by Everlasting Publishing.

Bonnie lives in Washington state and is pictured here with her dog, Pepper.

Currently three of Bonnie's books are available: "Up From My Abyss," "Tuetonic Tales," a collection of related short stories, and "Adventura Highway," which she wrote under the pen name of Lonya Avery.


Up From My Abyss cover Earlier this year I joined the ranks of a select army, that is, the army of persons, mostly women, but a few men too, who are actively waging war against the onslaught of breast cancer. Though there many in our ranks, this fierce battle is always, nevertheless, a very private one and involves hard life and death choices. . Often, however, the cures are harsh and this ravaging foe brings to the front line emotional and mental as well as physical issues. But this is a war worth fighting and one which can bring out hidden strengths in a person they never knew they had. I pray that anyone who reads this semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical account of my cancer battle and is fighting their own will be inspired to fight ‘til they win. Available on Amazon

Teutonic Tales is a fascinating and intriguing reading journey through Germany during the mid and late Twentieth Century. These stories feature this history and legend-rich country as the stage for every emotion and human dilemma from romantic love to the love between two brothers. From the fierce storms of the last World War to the duplicity and behind the scenes action of the Cold War. And through it all is the love of God and the eternal war between good and evil. Available on Amazon


Adventura Highway is the story of one woman's female hero's journey. It is also the tale of how two brothers who were torn apart by years of hatred and jealousy finally reconcile. It is furthermore a reminder that guardian angels can intervene in our lives and in ways and guises that are most unexpected. Available on Amazon