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Bonnie Barrigar

Our newest author is Bonnie Barrigar, author of several books, which are being published by Everlasting Publishing.

Currently two of Bonnie's books are available: Adventura Highway, which she wrote under the pen name of Lonya Avery, and Tuetonic Tales, a collection of related short stories.

Bonnie lives in Washington state and is pictured here with her dog, Pepper.


Adventura Highway is the story of one woman's female hero's journey. It is also the tale of how two brothers who were torn apart by years of hatred and jealousy finally reconcile. It is furthermore a reminder that guardian angels can intervene in our lives and in ways and guises that are most unexpected. Now available on Amazon.


Teutonic Tales is a fascinating and intriguing reading journey through Germany during the mid and late Twentieth Century. These stories feature this history and legend-rich country as the stage for every emotion and human dilemma from romantic love to the love between two brothers. From the fierce storms of the last World War to the duplicity and behind the scenes action of the Cold War. And through it all is the love of God and the eternal war between good and evil. Now available on Amazon.